Biopterre | Centre de développement des bioproduits


Biopterre’s Bioproducts Development Center seeks to foster competitiveness in the bioproducts sector and promote economic diversity of rural communities by

  • Developing new products, technologies and/or processes;
  • Improving existing products, technologies and/or processes;
  • Implementing and transferring new technologies and/ or new operational modes;
  • Technological and market trend spotting, registering products and disseminating information to companies in the bioproducts sector.


Two types of services are offered to our clients.

A. Professionnal services:

  • Support for product accreditation (registration, certification and standardization), standards assessment, writing of specifications in relation to bioproducts;
  • Technical and market trend spotting for the peat industry, NTFPs and specialty products with the help of existing monitoring networks;
  • Organizing of workshops and seminars based on sector-specific needs identified by businesses;
  • Completing technical and economic feasibility studies for innovative products or new technologies;
  • Support for funding and file preparation for project funding applications;
  • Establishing and maintaining windbreaks and riparian strips.


B. Services directly related to products and technologies development:

  • Improving production processes;
  • Developing NTFPs under the forest canopy production methods;
  • Carrying out test runs and experiments with new technologies;
  • Developing, evaluating and characterizing value-added bioproducts, agroenvironmental and bioenergetic technologies;
  • Developing equipment that allows a judicious use of biofertilizers, as well as NTFPs or specialty plants harvesting;
  • Developing equipment and physical , biological and biotech methods (mostly peat-based) to treat effluents from  livestock, reduce background pollution and eliminate pollution load and odours;
  • Developing production, harvesting, separation, extraction, conditioning, processing and packaging techniques for specialty products, NTFPs, natural health and biomass products. These techniques are applicable in such fields as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, energy, food, etc.;
  • Technology transfer.


Specialty bioproducts

Until recently, agricultural products were almost exclusively used for food. However, new applications are being discovered. These products are now being used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. Niche products development and specialty products processing help foster economic activity in rural areas.

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and agroforestry systems

NTFPs are products or by-products of forest vegetation other than wood substance. NTFPs have various commercial uses: resins, essential oils, medicines, cosmetics, ornamental products, bio-industrial products, biofuels, food and food additives. Agroforestry systems, which combine trees with crops or animals, to help protect the environment and increase crop yields. They are a source of biomaterials, biomass and NTFPs.

Peat-based bioproducts and agroenvironmental technologies

Value-added products and growing mixes (biofertilizers) and development of agroenvironmental technologies (bioremediation, biofiltration and biotreatment) relying on the filtration capacity of peat and other bioproducts.


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