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Financial Incentives

Eligible companies doing business with Biopterre  may benefit from a refundable tax credit, i.e., the Tax Credit for Technological Adaptation Services, where a 50% tax credit is applicable to 80% of fees charged by Biopterre on a given project.

For projects undertaken with the help of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program, companies can claim, in Quebec, 100% of eligible expenses related to fees charged by Biopterre and 100% of eligible expenses pursuant to the federal SR&ED tax credit.

However, for companies that have obtained or are in the process of obtaining government assistance (grant and/or loan) related to a research contract signed with Biopterre, the type of claims admissible to tax credits should be examined in order to avoid any errors. In such cases, Biopterre and our partner, the Centre de service R&D Côte-du-Sud et Bas-Saint-Laurent, can provide technical assistance in preparing tax credit claims.

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