Co-Director — Innovation and Technology Transfer — Mycotechnologies

Mycotechnology—biotechnologies using fungi—have a real potential to stimulate the global development of the bioeconomy in many industrial fields, such as: agricultural biologicals (biostimulants, biopesticides, etc.); mycomaterials for packaging, construction or textiles; production of enzymes for industrials and secondary metabolites for the pharmaceutical sector; bioremediation (mycoremediation) of contaminated soils, sediments, water and air; products for the agri-food industry and the bioenergy sector.

Areas of application
  • Isolation, purification, selection and preservation of fungal strains
  • Fungal biomass production (in vitro, greenhouse, controlled environment, solid substrate fermentation, etc.)
  • Development of fungal applications in industrial processes (mycoremediation, mycocomposite, solid substrate fermentation, etc.)
  • Inception of the Regroupement pour l’innovation fongique (RIF)
General expertise
  • Controlled-environment agriculture
  • Bioremediation (mycoremediation)
  • Chemistry and analytical biochemistry
  • Microscopy
  • In vitro cultures
  • Microbiology
  • Plant and fungal biology
  • Biotransformation
  • Fungal strain production
  • Solid substrate fermentation


Laboratory Technician

  • Biostimulants
  • Soil health
  • Molecular biology


  • Biochemistry (enzymology)
  • Solid fermentation
  • Molecular genetics

Laboratory Technician

  • Mushroom production
  • Fungal strain characterization
  • Recovery of residual materials

Laboratory Technician

  • Microorganisms conservation
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Molecular biology

Laboratory Manager

  • Molecular biology.
  • Stem cells.
  • Tissue engineering.


  • Bioremediation
  • Mycomaterials
  • Circular economy


Laboratory Technician

  • Cultivation of gourmet fungi
  • Fungal strain characterization
  • Recovery of residual materials

Research Professional

  • Isolation
  • Screening
  • Fungi production

Research Professional

  • Liquid fermentation
  • Solid fermentation
  • Mushroom production

Laboratory Technician

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