Pascale Ontchangalt

M. Sc.

Research Professional

Pascale Ontchangalt graduated with a baccalaureate in cell biology and physiology from Aix-Marseille Université and a master’s degree in food sciences, microbiology option from Université de Bourgogne in France. She rounded out her knowledge with a master’s degree in cell and molecular biology from Université Laval’s faculty of medicine. During her studies and years of acquired experience, Pascale worked with beneficial microorganisms for plant production and plant pathogens. Pascale is developping integrative knowledge of plant-growth medium and microorganism equilibrium/communication to support culture growth. She draws on this expertise to assess and formulate bioproducts such as biostimulants and biopesticides. Working at Biopterre has also provided her the opportunity to gain expertise in the field of technology transfer.

Key Achievements:

  • Establishment of a method for the molecular detection of viral pathogens in strawberry
  • Development of a molecular detection method for the phytopathogenic bacteria Erwinia amylovora in fruit trees
  • Exploitation of residual biomass in blueberry production through the extraction of molecules with high added value
  • Evaluation of the interest of certain microbial strains to be used in agriculture
  • Upgrading of sludge from water treatment for the production of value-added molecules, such as fertilizers

Tel.: 418 856-5917 ext. 225

Cell.: 418-934-9310