Selmene Ouertani

Ph. D.


Selmene Ouertani holds a Ph. D. from Université Laval in plant biology and a master’s degree in biotechnology-biological engineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax (Tunisia), as well as a Tunisian engineering degree in biological engineering. During his doctoral studies, he studied the effect of the application of biochar on microorganisms in artificial filter marshes used for treating greenhouse effluents. Selmene has more than 12 years of research experience, particularly in biochemical and molecular characterization of lipolytic enzymes of microorganisms, treatment of agricultural wastewater using biological systems, use of biochar for wastewater treatment and microbial community identification using molecular biology and new generation sequencing methods. He currently focuses on 1) the recovery of agricultural and horticultural residues by pyrolysis; 2) the evaluation of biochar as an amendment in greenhouse plant substrates; and 3) the study of the biostimulant effects of liquid pyrolysis products (wood vinegar) on plant growth.

Tel.: 418 856-5917, ext. 208

Cell.: 418 551-8904