Tatiana Thorens


Research Technician

Tatiana Thorens holds a diploma of college studies in bioecology techniques from Cégep de La Pocatière which she obtained in 2022. She also has a diploma of college studies in hotel management techniques and a diploma in massage therapy and has taken an herbalism course. She worked in the restaurant management industry and the sommelier profession for over 20 years and helped establish an artisanal vinaigrerie in the Thetford Mines region. Tatiana started out with our organization two years before graduating from college when she participated in a program for student researchers run jointly by Biopterre and Cégep de La Pocatière. In her current position as a mycotechnology technician at Biopterre, she collaborates on a variety of research projects studying mushrooms and their applications.


  • Preparation of fungal strain inocula.
  • Assessment of fungal strain growth.
  • Analysis of samples using infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
  • Analysis of samples using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC).
  • Microbiological culture and production of value-added molecules via biological reactions in solid-state fermentation.


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Cell.: 418 998-8505