Anie Desautels


Horticultural Technician

Anie Desautels, D.T.A., holds a diploma of college studies in horticultural production and environmental technology with a specialization in vegetable, fruit and industrial crops from the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, Saint-Hyacinthe campus. She has acquired several skills in personnel management, project management and product development as an entrepreneur. Among other things, she has carried out a project on sea buckthorn (an emerging crop in Quebec) and its potential. She has extensive experience in controlled crop management in both project planning and monitoring. She now works as a horticultural technician and also as a project manager.

Key Achievements:

  • Assessment of the impact of biostimulants on cannabinoid levels in cannabis cultivation
  • Development of specific substrates for various crops
  • Development of a sustainable lawn farming system incorporating biostimulants

Tel.: 418 856-5917, ext. 241

Cell.: 450 501-1730