Biopterre supports companies and organizations in innovation through :

  • Applied research and technological development: design, validation or improvement of products, development and testing of specialized processes or apparatus, validation, improvement or development of technologies, facilitation and technology transfer, etc.
  • Technical support: validation and adaptation of technological solutions, expertise transfer, support, etc.
  • Information and training: customized training, technological monitoring, information searches, feasibility studies, conferences and symposia organization, etc.

More specifically, the services offered may take the following forms:

Agronomy and horticulture research services
  • Crop management system development and optimization
  • Cultivar selection
  • Biopesticide development and validation
  • Culture substrate, biofertilizer, compost development and validation
  • Bedding development and validation
  • Experimental plots, research greenhouses, programmable culture chambers
Laboratory services
  • Molecular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular marker assisted selection
  • Composition analysis (CHNOS)
  • Porosity determination— specific surface
  • Infrared spectrometry
  • Particle interaction analysis (zeta potential)
  • Light microscopy (transmission, reflection)
  • In vitro multiplication
  • Collection and conservation of fungal and bacterial strains
  • Industrial laboratory
Product development
  • Comparative study of products and processes
  • New products/process assessment
Environmental research services
  • Biomass and bioresources management (inventory, users, recovery pathways)
  • Biomass recovery processes (agroforestry biomass, sludge, organic materials, CRD residues)
  • Process development (grinding, densification, granulation, pelleting, etc.)
  • Development and optimization of decontamination processes (phytoremediation, mycoremediation, biofiltration and mycofiltration)
  • Pyrolysis and biochar
  • Riparian strips and windbreaks
Mycotechnology and NTFP research services
  • Spores, mycelia and fungi production
  • Structuring NTFP-oriented sectors
  • Implementation of agroforestry projects
  • NTFP domestication and cultivation
  • Geomatics applied to bioresources, NTFP
Consulting services
  • Literature reviews
  • Feasibility studies
  • Grant application drafting
  • Technical support and R&D services

Financial support for research

Many financial support programs aimed at encouraging applied research are available for businesses.

Biopterre can assist you in the realization of your research projects by helping you get the financial support needed. It should be noted that the professional fees of Biopterre are eligible for the technological adaptation tax credit.

For an overview of existing programs, please visit the Synchronex Network site: