Biotechnology laboratory

Biopterre has a state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratory that brings together several research platforms:

  • Molecular biology platform
  • In vitro culture platform
  • Characterization platform (biochar and biomass)
  • Shared laboratory (rental industrial platform)

Controlled environment laboratory

Biopterre is equipped for indoors production of plants and fungi, including three indoor production units. These indoor production units allow:

  • Automated control of environmental parameters (light intensity and spectra, temperature, humidity, CO2) and fertigation;
  • The use of a variety of production systems (hydroponics, substrate-based, vertical) and lighting systems (LED, HPS, fluorescent);
  • One of the indoors production units is specifically equipped to hold microorganisms (decontamination chamber, HEPA filtration) and other products requiring high humidity levels (<90%).

Solid fermentation pilot plant

This plant is still a future project, with the opening planned for spring 2021. With the implementation of this pilot production plant, Biopterre is innovating and setting up the first of its kind specifically dedicated to fermentation processes on solid substrate. This pilot plant will combine three solid substrate production lines, aiming at accelerating the marketing of mycoproducts and optimizing mycoprocesses (spawn, mycomaterials, enzyme production, mycoremediation).

  • Line No. 1 — Mycelium production with steam pasteurization—dry incubation or high humidity indoor culture unit (example of mycoproducts produced: gourmet spawn and mycomaterials)
  • Line No. 2 — Sterile containment mycelium production—dry incubation or high humidity indoor culture unit
  • Line No. 3 — Production and up-scaling in biofermenters ranging from 15 L to 300 L

Equipment is also available for processing, extraction, purification and analysis of fermentation products, either directly onsite or through partnerships at our RIF research partners.

Greenhouses and field experimental plots

High performance greenhouse complex

Biopterre has a complex of high-performance greenhouses at its disposal that allow the realization of research projects. This greenhouse complex was established by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) at ITA’s Saint-Hyacinthe campus.

The complex houses a surface of 280 m2 divided into two separate greenhouses and it is covered with a double film polyethylene plastic. Ventilation is provided by an open roof, “fanjets” and extraction fans. The greenhouses are equipped with a thermal screen and retractable shading. Heating is provided by a geothermal hot air modulating system along with a natural gas heating system.

Through its partners, Biopterre also has access to field plots and growing tunnels.

Biomass processing platform

Biopterre has most of the equipment necessary for planting, harvesting and processing various sources of biomass, namely,

  • Groupe Anderson Inc. BiobalerTM WB-55
  • Morbark Wood Hog 2600 horizontal grinder
  • BM75 Shredder
  • SchutteBuffalo 1320 hammer mill
  • Farmi CH260 Shredder
  • GR220 and GR75 pellet mills
  • RTM TMR Express Mixer
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Plastic mulch roller
  • Cup planter


Biopterre is equipped with the instruments and apparatus necessary for biochar characterization.