Daniel Sylvain


Research Professional

Daniel Sylvain, agr., holds a diploma of college studies in horticultural production and environmental technology with a specialization in vegetable and fruit crops from the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, La Pocatière campus. After working for more than seven years in greenhouse production, he returned to school to deepen his knowledge and completed a bachelor’s degree in applied sciences (agronomy, plant major) at Université Laval. After working as an agronomist and plant biology research assistant for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for three years, he is now developing a new expertise with Biopterre in closed-environment cultures, cannabis cultivation and other plants specie of pharmaceutical interest.

Key Achievements:

  • Evaluation of yields and molecules of interest in cucumbers and herbs under different light treatments, with or without biostimulants
  • Development of methods for weeding hops in organic management
  • Evaluation of substrates and several types of containers used for plant walls
  • Development of a crop management system for Cannabis sativa in a closed environment

Tel.: 418 856-5917, ext. 222