Habib Horchani

Ph. D.

Habib Horchani, Ph. D. holds an engineering degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in biological sciences from École Nationale d’ingénieurs de Sfax in Tunisia where he worked on the isolation of lipolytic enzyme-producing bacteria. In 2010, he finished a doctorate’s degree in biological engineering from Université de Sfax and Université d’Aix-Marseille. His research focused on the enzymatic synthesis of molecules of biological interest (bioplastics, biodiesel, antioxidants, etc.) from renewable resources. He completed his first postdoctoral fellowship in pharmacology at Université de Nice in France before starting a second postdoctoral internship in biochemistry and biophysics at Université Laval in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, in 2012. He is currently a researcher at Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup and is actively involved in research projects on the degradation and recovery of lipids and water treatment.