Lucie Laroche


Agricultural Technician

Lucie Laroche, D. T. A., holds a diploma of college studies in soil technology, from the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, La Pocatière campus. She has been working at Biopterre since 2007 at planning and implementing agroforestry systems. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of windbreaks, riparian strip protection, and the implementation of silvopastoral systems and energy crops. She has participated in the development of fertilizing granules based on various fertilizing residuals, as well as the characterization and applications of biochar. She is currently working on projects related to the production of essential oil crops in northern areas.

Key Achievements:

  • Development of a process aimed at preserving the calorific value of a biofuel of municipal and industrial origin
  • Development of a fertilizer granule from the ashes of paper mill wood bark residues
  • Multifunctional windbreak hedges for road protection and biomass production
  • Experimentation on vegetation techniques for an erosion zone along the St. Lawrence River in Montmagny
  • A review of the literature on the effects of biochar in peat soil
  • Technology support for the molecular identification of Miscanthus cultivars
  • Impact of cattle slurry application on hybrid willow biomass yield in short rotations in the Lower St. Lawrence
  • Use of casting sands for the improvement of heavy and degraded agricultural soils
  • Development of a process for the inoculation of semi-cultivated low-bush blueberry to improve yields in poor soils
  • Development of a growth model for sweet fern in Nord-du-Québec aimed at essential oil production
  • Development of innovative techniques for growing northern plants in agroforestry systems and development of road rights-of-way for the production of essential oils
  • Selection of plants for the production of essential oils in agroforestry environments in Nord-du-Québec
  • Recovery of ash generated by a cogeneration plant as an amendment to poor soils in agroforestry plots in Nord-du-Québec
  • Use of biochar to reduce chemical fertilizer input when cultivating black spruce on growing media
  • Agronomic applications and characterization of different biochars

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Cell.: 418 551-7477