Sébastien Lange

Ph. D.

Co-Director — Innovation and Technology Transfer — Biomass and Environmental Technologies

Sébastien Lange holds a Ph. D. in soils and environment from Université Laval with a specialization in soil physics and porous environments. He specializes in the study of soil-plant relationships, soil physics and the analysis, use and certification of biochar. His main interests are: (1) evaluating the used of biochar in agriculture in relation to plant growth and carbon sequestration; (2) developing multi-criteria performance tools and the use of biochar in agricultural, horticultural and environmental applications; and (3) recovery of horticultural and agricultural residues. He is also a specialist in soil gas dynamics and is interested in the movement of water and contaminants in soils and agroforestry.

Key Achievements:

  • Design of a quantitative soil compaction model for Quebec based on penetrometry that incorporates certain physicochemical parameters of soils
  • Participation in industrial waste recovery projects in agriculture and horticulture
  • Development of multi-criteria tools for the performance and use of biochars in agricultural, horticultural and the environmental applications
  • Participates in the development and testing of biostimulants based on pyrolysis products
  • Assessment of biochar in relation to plant growth and carbon sequestration in agriculture and horticulture

Tel.: 418 856-5917 ext. 219

Cell.: 418 932-4272