Yves Bernard


Research Professional

Yves Bernard, agri-environmental eng., has over 30 years of research and development experience in the processing of residual organic matter using laboratory-scale clean technology and its application in field demonstrations.


He completed his bachelor’s degree in rural engineering at Université Laval in 1989. Mr. Bernard then diversified his skillset by working for agricultural consultants, a composting site and an equipment manufacturer in the maple syrup industry. From 1991 to 2022, he worked in the R&D field and helped develop a multitude of methods for processing residual organic matter. This has made him an expert in composting, biological drying and MBT (mechanical biological treatment). During this time period, he designed calculation software to optimize compost formulation in addition to other decision support software tools. He has hands-on experience in sifting, sorting, dehydrating and repurposing organic and inorganic matter. He has carried out projects in the areas of RCW and compost teas. Furthermore, he has collaborated on projects focused on the treatment of solid, liquid and gaseous effluents for biofiltration processes using organic substrates, biomethanization, energy recovery and mechanical dehydration, as well as recycling centres.


Cell.: 418-709-2004