André Vézina

M. Sc.


André Vézina holds a Bachelor of Science (forestry) and a master’s in forest management from Université Laval. Since 1985, he has been working on windbreak development and forested riparian strips in the Quebec countryside. He has participated in numerous agroforestry research projects, including projects using fast-growing species such as willows and hybrid poplars for biomass production and environmental protection. He contributed to the production of a portrait of agroforestry in Quebec, to the development of an electronic spreadsheet to simulate the economic impact of different agroforestry practices in Eastern Canada ( and to the coordination of a Canadian project on the use of windbreaks around livestock buildings in Eastern Canada. This project enabled the creation of a website, two extension guides as well as the establishment of 26 demonstration sites. In addition, Mr. Vézina has given nearly 200 hours of training in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Key Achievements:

  • National study on the estimation of environmental goods and services provided by agroforestry
  • Organization of the 10th North American Congress on Agroforestry held in 2007 jointly by Université Laval and the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, La Pocatière campus.
  • Author of several publications and conference reports including a popularization document used across Canada entitled “Windbreaks around livestock buildings and bull yards.”

Tel.: 418 454-2585