Bruno Jacob


Horticultural Technician

Bruno Jacob holds a college diploma in agricultural technology with a specialization in vegetable and fruit horticulture from the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire in Saint-Hyacinthe. He completed vocational training in silvicultural work for hand felling and bush clearing. He also helped create a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting horticulture and the environment, the Jardin Floral of La Pocatière, where he has worked as a gardener, carpenter, and coordinator. He has been actively involved in two other regional companies working to promote and develop a service offering related to agricultural and horticultural production as well as tourism. He worked for many years in the field of food processing as a baker and cook. With a bachelor’s degree in art history and a background in architecture, he is particularly interested in the relationship between nature and culture, and its resulting productions.

Main accomplishments:

  • Fruit pruning workshop facilitation and the creation of relevant technical documents
  • Horticulture and biodiversity workshop facilitation for elementary school students
  • Development and establishment of landscapes focused on edible plants, functionality and biodiversity
  • Production and presentation of conferences on bats and biodiversity
  • Development, planning, realization and sale of plants designed to secure the income of the Jardin Floral of La Pocatière
  • Instigator of the first Fête des semences in La Pocatière and organizing member