Kawina Robichaud

Ph. D.


Kawina Robichaud holds a Ph. D. in biological sciences from Université de Montréal, during the course of which she worked on soil bioremediation in northern environments. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Concordia University and a Northern Studies Diploma from Yukon College and Lapland University (Finland). She has a solid background as a speaker and enjoys the popularization of science and education. Kawina joined Biopterre in January 2020. Her research interests focus on the bioremediation of contaminated environments based on an ecosystem approach using plants, fungi, bacteria and locally sourced fertilizing residuals. Another area of interest is mycotechnologies, namely the development, in-depth understanding and marketing of mycomaterials in Quebec. Kawina is also interested in mycology and innovative fungal cultures. Her research projects are driven by the principles of circular economy.

Scientific publications:

Robichaud, K., Girard, C., Dagher, D., Stewart, K., Labrecque, M., Hijri, M., Amyot, M., 2019. Local fungi, willow and municipal compost effectively remediate petroleum-contaminated soil in the Canadian North. Chemosphere 220, 47–55.

Robichaud, K., Stewart, K., Labrecque, M., Hijri, M., Cherewyk, J., Amyot, M., 2019. An ecological microsystem to treat waste oil contaminated soil: Using phytoremediation assisted by fungi and local compost, on a mixed-contaminant site, in a cold climate. Sci. Total Environ. 672, 732–742.

Robichaud, K., Lebeau, M., Martineau, S., Amyot, M., 2019. Bioremediation of engine-oil contaminated soil using local residual organic matter. PeerJ 7, 1-21.

Tel.: 418 856-5917 ext. 246