Stéphanie Sanchez

M. Sc.

Stéphanie Sanchez obtained a master’s degree in environmental expertise and management from Université de Calais in France in 2006. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Université de La Rochelle, France.

She was an agri-environment project manager for nearly 10 years and coordinator of the Terres-Noires watershed organization, working at reducing the impact of agriculture on rivers. To reduce the presence of pesticides, she has, among other things, validated the effectiveness of a filter marsh in filtering drainage and runoff from a crop field and the use of a biofilter for sprayer rinse water. She has also implemented a large riparian strip to develop wildlife habitat and reduce the impact of floods.

Professor at the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, Saint-Hyacinthe campus, she collaborates with Biopterre on several research projects.