Molecular tools to identify the prestigious Appalachian truffle





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The Appalachian truffle (Tuber canaliculatum) is among the most popular hypogeal fungus in the gastronomic world. In 2020, it was also one of the most expensive truffle species in the world, selling at $3,000/kg! This truffle grows naturally in North America in mycorrhizal symbiosis with different tree species, but very few truffle growers are currently able to produce it. An essential element in the truffle market is obviously authenticity. At Biopterre, we developed molecular tools to quickly identify the Appalachian truffle in a laboratory. The specific primers used allow to quickly validate the genetic identity of a truffle or mycorrhizal roots in an orchard, to ensure that the desired fungus is indeed the one that grows. This ability to quickly discern the identity of the Appalachian truffle will be very useful for the certification and cultivation of this gourmet mushroom.
Two sliced Appalachian truffles (Tuber canaliculatum). Photo credit: Jérôme Quirion
Freshly harvested Appalachian truffles with its associated mycorrhizal roots. Photo credit: Jérôme Quirion

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