Problems Analysis and Solution Paths for a Microgreens Cultivation System




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Novagrow Gardens is a domestic autonomous cultivation system for the production of microgreens. The cultivation system is simple, efficient and requires minimal maintenance. It provides its users with a fresh supply of high-quality microgreens. To ensure customer satisfaction, good results must be achieved at all times, and the user should be able to grow a wide variety of plants and herbs. However, certain seeds are less available on the market and some species are more challenging to grow (slow growth, unsatisfactory germination rates, low yields, etc.). 

The main objectives of this project were to conduct an analysis of the lighting system to ensure that it is suitable for its designated purpose; to propose solutions to facilitate the growth of certain species; and to recommend seed growers to ensure a regular and diverse supply of seeds. The exploratory experimentation with the Novagrow Garden was carried out in four parts: (1) review of the literature; (2) evaluation of the lighting system; (3) crop trials using the Novagrow Garden; (4) proposal of solutions and seed suppliers.

This project helped to better adapt the Novagrow Garden to the cultivation of microgreens. This will allow customers to cultivate a wide range of species while ensuring satisfactory microgreen harvests. 


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