Biobase, a Decision Support Tool To Optimize Waste Recovery at the Regional Scale


Ongoing since 2018



Development partners

Société d'aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) du Kamouraska

Project Manager/Contact at Biopterre

Biobase is a database for consolidating and linking information on organic or inorganic residues. It was created to facilitate the development of recovery pathways for materials that frequently end up in landfills. Using a technological tool, the database identifies the materials available by running a query based on pre-determined criteria. In addition to the product characteristics (availability, volume, supplier, etc.), the physico-biochemical properties of the residues are also available to refine the selection of materials, as required. This database is combined with a calculator that allows to estimate the final properties of a mixture composed of different inputs in order to better target the recovery pathways in accordance with the standards and laws in force. In an increasingly active commitment to sustainable development and circular economy, the SADC du Kamouraska supports this initiative and promotes this tool to local industrial partners. The objectives of this tool are, among other things, to promote the recovery of local residues, to reduce the cost of raw material acquisition by substituting them with residual materials, and to promote industrial networking and economic dynamism at the regional level.

Biobase is currently undergoing a testing and validation of performance phase. To this end, the Biopterre team aims to develop alternative materials composed of residues that could be integrated into industrial processes in order to generate marketable products, resulting in significant economic and environmental gains.


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